The Road to a Crisis: How Democrats Let Biden Glide to Renomination

The Road to a Crisis: How Democrats Let Biden Glide to Renomination

As the 2020 presidential election draws near, the Democratic Party finds itself in a precarious position. With former Vice President Joe Biden emerging as the frontrunner for the party’s nomination, many Democrats are left wondering how they allowed this to happen.

Biden’s path to the nomination has been relatively smooth, with many of his competitors dropping out of the race early on. While some candidates, such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, presented strong progressive platforms that resonated with many Democratic voters, they ultimately failed to gain enough momentum to overtake Biden.

So, how did Biden manage to glide to renomination without facing much resistance from within his own party? The answer lies in a combination of factors, including the party’s desire for a candidate who is seen as “safe” and electable, as well as Biden’s own name recognition and connections within the party.

One of the main reasons Biden was able to secure the nomination without much of a fight is the party’s fear of another divisive primary battle like the one that occurred in 2016. Many Democrats are still reeling from the bitter fight between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and are eager to avoid a similar situation this time around. Biden’s moderate platform and centrist appeal make him an attractive choice for those who want to avoid a repeat of the infighting that plagued the party in the last election.

Additionally, Biden’s long history in politics and his close ties to the Democratic establishment have helped him secure widespread support within the party. Many Democratic leaders see Biden as a reliable and experienced candidate who can unite the party and appeal to a broad range of voters. This support from party elites has given Biden a significant advantage over his competitors, who have struggled to gain the same level of backing.

While Biden’s path to the nomination may have been relatively easy, it is important for Democrats to reflect on the factors that led to his success. The party must consider whether they missed an opportunity to nominate a more progressive candidate who could energize the base and attract new voters. If Biden does secure the nomination, Democrats will need to rally behind him and work together to defeat President Trump in the general election.

Ultimately, the road to a crisis for the Democratic Party lies in their decision to let Biden glide to renomination without much of a fight. While Biden may be a safe choice for some, Democrats must consider whether he is the best candidate to lead the party to victory in November. Only time will tell if their decision was the right one.

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